Director. Designer. Social Convener.

Shane Stirling is a Toronto-based consultant, specializing in Creative Direction, Content Production, Content Strategy, Curation, Brand Identity, Graphic Design, Digital Design, Film, Photography, and Music Production that helps clients earn and own territory in the cultural marketplace.

A classically trained visual artist with an approach that is as dynamic as it is polished. His work speaks in graphically clear and simple terms, with a narrative that is filled with notes of aspiration, passion and love. Notorious for his authentic narrative, his music video and digital film direction perennially achieves heavy rotation placement and high-level social media engagement. His design work has seen him define national retail environments, break new ground in digital and social media, market legendary cultural icons and present iconic brands in an inspiring and authentic manner. His work is uniquely united and defined by an uncanny ability to engage and build an audience.

Client relationships past, present and ongoing include, but are not limited to: Nike, Timberland, Drake, Taio Cruz, Marcus Troy (Bentley Motors, Converse, Puma, DC Shoes, Kicks On A Plane), Footlocker, Athlete’s World, Chris Lighty, Violator, Def Jam, and Universal Music Group.

In addition to Stirling Notes, Shane is currently consulting for a handful of corporations, international recording artists and small businesses on brand and communication initiatives. Shane lives in the Design District (Lower East Side) of Toronto, with his son Khenyan.